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Rakib Hasan (Bangla: রাকিব হাসান) born: 2 April, 2006 is a Bangladeshi Actor, Singer.

Early Life[]

Rakib Hasan has been the pride of his family ever since he was a young boy.

He suffered from a life of bullying and mental trauma after experiencing bad social incidents with both girls and boys. Since then, he has overcome those experiences and is very happy with his choice.


Rakib Hasan is a born performer. He loves the stage, cameras, and all-in-all, audiences. Acting has been a passion of his for many years now. Although his main dedication has been to his education thus far, he hopes to pursue acting as a full-time career in the near future. He has planned to get graduated from Bangladesh university of professional (BUP) which is considered one of the topmost universitys in the country. Apart from that, he has set his goals high and believes that he will surely achieve them.

He perticipated in acting shows on school and also others from his childhood. His performances in those shows were extraordinary and he grabbed a good amount of praise too. He indulged in theatre and did many shows which increased his interest in acting even more.